Full Service Boarding, Training, and Riding Lesson Facility

1088 Great Road

Lincoln, RI 02865

(401) 935-7775


Willow Brook Farm



We offer full board services for your horse along with riding instructions and training.  See our "About Our Facility" page to read what our facility has to offer.





Cynthia Sprague

For anyone looking for a inviting, low key barn for the winter, I recommend going to Willow Brook Farm, in Lincoln, RI.  The indoor is not only attached to the barn, it is actually reasonably warm in the winter! We have a brand new outdoor being finished right now which includes top of the line footing and a drainage system. We have a 55 acre field, a 5 acre field, and paddocks of various sizes to suit a variety of requirements. 

The barn is immaculate. Stalls are cleaned every day, water buckets are dumped and scrubbed every day, there is a set schedule for feeding, turn out, turn in and dinner. Feed tubs are scrubbed regularly and there is ample hay available. Willow Brook will work with you if your horse has specific, dietary requirements (Cushings, forage based, natural, etc). 

The people at Willow Brook are lovely, warm, funny, caring individuals. There is no drama in the barn nor are there cliques, gossip or general rudeness. I personally have been welcomed into the Willow Brook family and am constantly amazed at how supportive everyone is of one another. It's a great barn and a great place to keep your horse an pursue your goals. Visitors are welcome anytime and I recommend driving by for a visit.


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